You Can Call Me Mom

So if you’ve been following along in the journey lately, I recently returned from three weeks away and man is it good to be back! I digress though because today’s story is all about how my son no longer calls me Mama, Mom, or Ma. In a desperate move to hold onto the angst that ensued when I left him, he has resorted to calling me by my first name.

Listen, little dude is not a super chatty kid, he makes noise sure, but coherent words are not a huge part of his vocabulary. Well color me shocked when one day during breakfast I hear “Kai-a” I turn and look and he’s ushering to me.

“Uhh Kai-a” I’m floored. At this point I realize he’s saying “Kyla” mimicking our baby friend who’s about 2.5 years old and calls me “Kai-a”. This kid has killed me.

“No baby I’m Mama call me Mama or Mom” I respond shaking the morning chaos out of my brain, he giggles, says “Kai-a” one more time and digs into his toast. I literally couldn’t even.

Moral of the story I went away this past weekend for drill and low and behold, I still have yet to hear “Mama” but my husband can even attest to hearing “Kaia” happily in its place.

Send help, send wine, send a new name tag guys and gals because I’m convinced I’ll never hear the never ending “mamamamama” ever again.


One thought on “You Can Call Me Mom

  1. This will pass! When nieces and nephew would call me Christine or Cricket I would tell them “no, that’s not my name. I am Auntie.” I would ignore them until they would call me Auntie. Not sure that would work but it just did for Alexis!


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