Shark Cake: A No Fuss Guide

As previously mentioned Little Dude's second birthday was shark themed and with that came a great white sized plan of making a super cool shark cake. As also previously mentioned, I am not the best baker and my years of watching baking shows really doesn't transfer to actual skills in the kitchen. Doubt aside, I... Continue Reading →

Baby Shark Birthday Party

Yesterday we had the amazing time of celebrating Little Man's second birthday party and it came together surprisingly better than last year! Here's a quick round up of the experience. The decorations were all DIY! I super wanted to keep the theme while keeping a low budget, so thanks to pinterest and some solid time... Continue Reading →

Baby Shark Cardio Circuit

I've posted recently about how Baby Shark now consumes our life, and found myself listening to the song on repeat one day for what seemed like hours, so why not come up with a cardio work out to match the song? So without further ado I give you the baby shark cardio circuit. Crafted with... Continue Reading →

Baby Shark: The Epidemic.

With little dude growing more and more every day we've hit the point of no return with toddlerism, and I dare say it has been the funniest, yet most testing time as a parent so far. Little dude has a lot of opinions and ideas, and just like his Mama, he is stubborn beyond belief!... Continue Reading →

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